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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Irascible Israelis Got the Munchies

Here's a little clip appearing in the New York Timesfrom that 'precious' Israeli writer, Etgar Keret, of whom Samir-I-Never-Met-A-Palestinian-Nationalist-I-Didn't-Put-Down-El-Youssef, is so fond.

In the last elections, my brother, a founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party, asked my father for his vote. My father found himself in a quandary. On the one hand, it's not every day that your son founds a political party. On the other, my father, who had a taste of the horrors of fascism during World War II, takes all his civic duties very seriously.

'Look,' he said to my brother, 'It's not that I don't trust you, but there are all these serious people who claim that grass is actually dangerous, and as a person who's never tried it, I can't really be sure they're wrong.'

And so, about a week before Election Day, my brother and one of the senior members of the party rolled my father a joint. 'What can I tell you, kid?' my father said to me that evening during a slightly hallucinatory phone conversation. 'It's not half as good as Chivas — but to make it illegal?' And so my father became the oldest voter for the coolest party in the history of Israel's elections. From the minute he said he would vote for it, I knew it wouldn't get into Parliament.

And here's a reply:

Dear Editor,

So Israeli Jews are free to roll joints and found political parties to legalize Marijuana... and we're encouraged to giggle listening to their antics... while countless Palestinians suffer not from the munchies- but from actual starvation brought on by an easy to apply economic stranglehold on Gaza. It was 100 years in the making you know, this desire to want to take bread, milk and peace away from hungry children. This ability to politicize, displace and imprison the innocent, to torment, traumatize, and then engage in commando attacks on "terrorism." The stupor of our Times is that somehow so many Zionist fools can look for humor while the Palestinians don't even have basic human rights- much less bread, milk or peace for their children.

Anne Selden Annab

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