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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Google Runs Racist Headline:'Why Palestine Should Be Left For the Wolves'

On a day when Gaza's bakeries had no more bread; on a day when western media ignored the murder of an eight year old Palestinian girl from IOF soldiers' bullets, Google News's main page prominantly displayed this headline from the widely read (by their account over 50,000 daily) blogcritics website:

Two Reasons Why Palestine Should Be Left For the Wolves

The author of this story is a pastor in Hawaii. His diatribe originally appeared on his personal website, Bird of Paradise. Among his personal favorite websites are Michelle Malkin, the idiot who floated the idea of internment camps for Arab-Americans, and the racist Zionist loving site, Little Green Footballs.

Any damned thing goes if one is Palestinian. It's OK to starve Palestinians; it's OK to destroy five hundred of their villages; it's OK to ethnically cleanse them; it's OK to shoot them on their balconies; in their orchards, in their homes, and then erase the tape. It's OK to run racist headlines about them on Google's News page...imagine the outcry if Google News had this headline featured on their main news page:

Two Reasons Why Israel Should Be Left For the Wolves

Do you think just maybe the Anti-Defamation League might intervene...that Blog Critics would issue an apology...

Do you think that Google will issue an apology for its part in contributing to the demonisation of a maligned, impoverished, and powerless people?

And what does the good "Christian" pastor give for his two reasons for his odious view that "Palestine Should Be Left For the Wolves"? Actually, he says "there are many reasons to do so." And he proceeds to provide us with a litany of the shortcomings of the Palestinians.

"Why should the democratic West provide financial support for a government (and its people) who have perpetuated and engaged in suicide bombings of civilians in Israel and who have publicly sworn that their first raison d'etre is to kill Jews, destroy Israel as a nation and reclaim that land for the Palestinian people," he asks.

"...a government (and its people) who have publicly sworn that their first raison d'etre is to kill Jews...." Something about that phrase "kill Jews," that is magical for the shrillest among the Zionists. Acts of resistance are defined as some irresistible penchant on the part of Palestinians to "kill Jews." Whereas every death of a Palestinian by IOF soldiers and settlers is an accident, unintended, an unfortunate byproduct in the line of 'rooting' out myriads of 'terrorists.'

But Palestinian deaths, arrests, and wounded since September 29, 2000? And a host of various and other calamities to befall them from Israel's government and settlers:

4298 Killed
46353 Wounded
9200 Arrested
801 Kids Killed
140 died because of checkpoints
205 number of teachers and Ministry of Education employees imprisoned

This debased Zionist schill, this so-called "man of God" refers to Palestinians in bestial terms when he writes "the wolves have already taken the would-be-country over."

This hack "preacher," this morally deficient and vaccuous hoochie-coochie boy for Israel preaches to a people he knows absolutely nothing about when he admonishes:

"If people had been taught to build rather than to destroy; to live rather than to die; to work hard rather than to complain about everyone else."

If only the wolves accepted 'responsiblity' rather than 'blame' others we are assured:

"There would be industry. There would be vast areas under cultivation with sophisticated irrigation systems."

Israel destroyed completely or partially 71,470 houses, Preacher.

Israel destroyed completely or partially 645 public sector buildings, Pastor.

While over 9,000 shops were demolished, bub.

Tell me, because you seem to know it all, you twentieth-first century Tartuffe, how does one irrigate when 929984 m. of the main water pipes were also bulldozed?

And 14749 sheep and goats were killed and 12132 cows and cattle?

When 15265 bee hives were rendered useless by the world's greatest wrecking crew and 404 wells with their accessories were demolished.

Tell me, missionary man, I really wanna know. And I have nothing against preachers. I bake bread for my church, organize the Easter Egg Hunt, clean the Church for Palm Sunday; I'm a regular church-going gal who was taught to serve the priest first, and kiss his hand.

But in your pontificating self I sense a man in the grip of Satan. And remember, sometimes God can be an angry God, and you don't want to be a sinner in the hands of an angry God because the thread from which that spider hangs is a delicate thread...

So, this original stone, this Arab-American Christian, is telling you, boy,

Look to your own house before you cast stones at the Palestinians.

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