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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Write Your Congressman, MP About Siege of Balata and Nablus

Picture from Balata Camp's Community Website

I wrote to my congressman, Bill Thomas, and asked him to do what he could to stop Israel's latest killing field, Balata Refugee Camp. Please do the same; it is the least that we as US citizens can do to stop the carnage for which we foot the bill. Google your congressman and e-mail a few lines, mention the two sixteen year old boys who were shot in their own homes; today Israel's Occupation Forces hurled a grenade at medical workers, three fighters were blown up in a home (Israel just dispenses with arrests and trials), a journalist was injured, and a sixty-three year old taxi driver was also injured. Two young civilians were killed, one the army claimed for breaking the curfew imposed by the occupation forces.

Watch films about Balata here the Balata Film Collective Page.

Then weep, compose yourself, and take action bearing in mind that the "light unto the nations" snuffed out more lives today as its death squads blew up a house with three men in it, threw a grenade at a medical team, shot a twenty year old on the roof of his house, and killed an nineteen year old.

Read more about Israel's war on Palestine's poorest of the poor here and Physicians for Human Rights, Israel. Not content with roughing up medical workers, Israel's finest also struck at journalists. What's included in this post is but a sample of the "only democracy in the Middle East's" so-called Northern Glory operation's litany of horrors.

Further information may be found here at Palestine Center for Human Rights.

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