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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Zionists (secular and others) Never Cease to Amaze...

Young Zionists (and old ones for that matter) never cease to amaze me. I grew up during the sixties and seventies when a social conscious was prized and many young people were really doing more than paying lip service to making the world a better place.

As a tireless fighter for the right of return says about those who immigrate to historic Palestine and tout "secular" Zionism, as if it's preferable to "religious" Zionism:

They immigrated to Israel. They believe in Zionism. We live in the global information age; they made the choice to move there while fully able to see what Israel really is. Instead they ignore two rather well publicized intifadas and do what they can to sell Zionism.

Such immigrants are not worthy of respect nor are they in need of well meaning Palestinians' homage. They feel good enough about themselves already, they are manipulative, and their sole purpose is to put a good face on "Zionism," a Zionism no more palatable, even though it comes packaged with "good works," than that proffered by the fanatics in Hebron.

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