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Friday, January 13, 2006


Sharon: 'Shepherd' for Sick Society

Sharon the Shepherd Soon to be Seated at the Right Hand of God

A society in which Sharon is feted as 'shepherd' is a depraved, sick and unaware society that has yet to acknowledge its culpability for the brutal ethnic cleasning of the Palestinians. It is a society that must obfuscate, negate, misinform, and disinform to justify its existence. It is a society that has drawn "blood from a turnip" in exploiting its own Holocaust yet cynically denies, misinforms and disinforms about its creation of the Nakba (Catastrophe) of the Palestinian people. It is a society which takes in Jews from the Ukraine, sweet young things from Brazil, from Peru, bourgeoisie from North America, teenagers from the US who promptly upon making "Aliyah" join the IOF so that they can defend their "country" by shooting Palestinian kids in their own neighborhoods, "lost" tribes from India, from China: people who have never set foot in Palestine, yet denies the indigenous people their inalienable right to return to their ancestral villages and towns, and what's worse, what is the most sickening aspect of Zionism is that Zionists employ every means to extoll their own goodness while penning reams of stories denying that Palestinians exist, denying that Palestinians come from Palestine, demonising Palestinians. Their efforts are successful; how else does one explain a society, indeed a world, in which Sharon, who will always be known as an "Arab killer," according to Edward Said, is heralded by the word "shepherd," connotative of Christ.

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