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Friday, January 13, 2006


Rice: Serious Political Consequences For Norway

Will the US stop importing herring from Norway? I translated this from the German media.

Washington warns Oslo because of Israel politics

vL. STOCKHOLM, 12 January. American Secretary of State Rice threatened Norway with "serious political consequences", should it boycott goods from Israel. The Norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten" reported about confidential exchanges of letters between Washington and Oslo, in which the American State Department used the strongest possible diplomatic verbalizations. The Norwegian minister of foreign affairs Store wrote the American and the Israeli government to insure them that its government does not support a boycott. Financial minister Kristin Halvorsen had suggested that as a chairman of the left wing party. Obviously on account of pressure from Prime Minister Stoltenberg it - in contrast to her party - she disavowed the plan.

Text: F.A.Z., 13,01,2006, NR. 11/page 6

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