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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Putting a 'Nice' Face on Zionism

Miss "Israel" 2005, Yelena Ralf, immigrated from the Ukraine to Israel in 2001 (I hope my posting of this picture doesn't encourage more colonists to leave New Jersey for historic Palestine!)

Let us not forget that Israel's crimes against the Palestinians have been taking place in the modern age with modern weaponry- with a full awareness of how wrong ethnic cleansing is. With a full body of international laws. With Holocaust museums everywhere. And with Zionist propagandists everywhere. AND never forget that Zionists play every side at once... including every peace camp. Annie Annab

Nice Zionist blogging immigrants (am I alone in thinking "nice" and "Zionist" is an oxymoron?), those recent arrivals from Brazil, Canada, US, and their minions of apologists swell the blogosphere. Are they clueless or deliberately manipulative? Do they malign Arabs and Palestinian Arabs deliberately? Or out of ignorance?

From On the Face, My Zionist Hero (now that, dear students, is another oxymoron) written by a recent immigrant from Canada (Zioblog quotes are in italics):

His father was a Polish Holocaust survivor and his mother immigrated to Israel as a child, shortly after King Farouk expelled the Jewish community from her native Iraq.

Faisal I (1921-1933), Ghazi (1933-1939), and Faisal II (1939-1958)] were kings of Iraq. Some Jews as suspected Zionists were expelled from Egypt circa 1948 when King Farouk reigned in Egypt. OK--son of a Holocaust survivor, chalk up one for manipulative; King Farouk of Iraq, chalk up one for clueless; "Jewish community expelled": chalk one up for manipulative, providing a part of the story, and most definitely chalk up one for the deleterious effects of "Zionism" on relations between Arab Christians/Moslems and Arab Jews (much of it deliberately provoked by Zionists).

More from On the Face:

Surrounding us was the rubble of several Palestinian homes that had also been crushed by Israeli bulldozers, because they had been used by gunmen who shot at Netzarim.

Netzarim was an illegal, by international law, colony as is Gilo, the "Jewish neighborhood" which Lisa mentions Palestinians shooting at in another one of her clueless and/or manipulative posts.

The term "Jewish neighborhood" is part of the vocabulary of dispossesion. And the nice Zionists blogger/colonists don't discuss "dispossesion," of which they are very much a part, when they meet in their coffee shops in Tel Aviv.

The recent arrivals and their supporters don't mind immigrating to Israel, and according to one Palestinian supporter, "taking Palestinian land, and then vilifying the Palestinians for objecting." Case in point, the writer of the Adloyada blog, who lives in Britain, who loves to extoll the virtues of illegal colonists. Writing about a group of mainly non-Jewish people attending a seminar at Yad Vashem with her she quotes one of the participants:

I listen to one of the participants who comes back from his trip to meet up with a Palestinian Orthodox Christian from Bethlehem. He starts telling me that he felt uncomfortable about the fact that he regarded almost everything he was being told as Palestinian propaganda or one-sided political spinning, such as endless stories about Israeli atrocities at checkpoints and in the territories.

Well, here's a little checkpoint story for ya, Adloyada, courtesy of a Palestinian Orthodox Christian from Ramallah. And how's the view of Deir Yassein from Yad Vashem? I hear that it's great.

And how's this comment for clueless and/or manipulative?

We are here not in order to wrest land, rights or dignity from another people but to develop a just society based on the vision of the Prophets and the most important of the Torah's values.

If that were only true, I'll take it all back, promise.

Until then, get a clue...start by pondering this: 675 Palestinian towns and villages were "snuffed" out along with their names so that you yuppie guys and gals could hop on a plane, park yourselves on the ashes of someone else's land, and then write insipid little feel good ditties for yourselves extolling "Zionist heroes." See ya at the soup kitchen.

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