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Monday, January 16, 2006


Not a Nice Day in the Neighborhood: Sharon Sighs and another Arab Dies

Gennadiy Shnayderman, Ukranian born American, made "Aliyah" for the express purpose of fighting those indigenous Palestinian "terrorists" in his homeland.

How touching that Arab killer Ariel Sharon opened his eyes today when a recording of his grandson's voice was played.

Betcha don't know that Nawal Ahmed Asa'ad Dwaikat, 47, was killed by Israel Occupation Forces, or should I say North American, South American, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Ukranian, Ethiopean, German, etc., etc., etc., Occupation Forces since many teenagers like to make "aliyah" to the country formerly known as Palestine, and for love of a country in which they've never set foot prior to the "aliyah" shoot up Palestinians in their own neighborhoods. In fact at least 2500 recent "immigrants" comprise the Israeli Occupation Forces. They're called "lone soldiers" and the Jewish Agency for Israel wants to make sure that they're taken care of while they're cutting short the lives of the indigenous folk.

Take for example, Gennadiy Shnayderman, a "Ukrainian-born American who volunteered to serve in the Israeli army." He just couldn't stand what those indigenous "terrorists" were doing in his "homeland."

"On the fateful day of September 11th, 2001 (9/11) Shnayderman and eight of his friends from New York made aliyah to Israel with the express purpose of serving in the Israeli army. Despite their parents' protests, the eight were determined to fight for their homeland."

Wonder from where the soldiers came who put an end to Nawal's life? Nawal was killed by at least fifteen bullets according to Palestine Center for Human Rights. Her son Fawzi was killed also and four other members of the family were severely wounded in their own home by the soldiers under the command of Ariel Sharon.

This is Israel. This is the country to which the panderers for Zionist funds including Obama Baraka, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have recently paid homage. The Dalai Lama plans to visit in honor of David Ben Gurion's, formerly known as David Gruen, one hundredth immigration anniversary. Men who should know better than to flirt with Sharon, the greatest Arab killer of them all and his acolytes from the US, from the Ukraine, from South America...

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