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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


North American Colonists Squat in Palestine

What's wrong, immoral, indecent, unlife affirming about this chick and her kid?

This is what's wrong...

They are two of a gaggle of North American colonists who squatted in Palestine on December 27, 2005...

At the same time racist Israel, along with its patron the US, refuses to implement UN Resolution 194 adopted in 1948 which states:

all persons displaced as a result of the conflict in Palestine should be permitted to return, not just to their homeland, but to their homes.
Again in 1974 the General Assembly reiterated

the refugees right to restitution (Resolution 3236/XXIX)

and again in 1981

(Resolution 36/146C) when it also said that they have a right to the revenues from their properties.

North American immigrants arrive in Palestine while Israel continues to ethnically cleanse Palestinans to make way for them.

(See more pictures hailing the colonists' arrival from this reactionary colonist website)

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