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Friday, January 20, 2006


Meen Erhabe? (Who's the terrorist?)...and so-called Palestinians!

January 17 So-called Palestinians in Al-Khalil (Hebron)

And this from a US citizen who made "Aliyah" on December 27 regarding the IOF's treatment of Hebron hooligans:

I have been told on numerous ocassions [sic] that things in Israel are different. You have to shop differently. You have to travel differently. Different beaurocracy [sic], different banks, protektzia. Just different.

But I never suspected that this also included an intrinsic difference in human decency, in the abuse of citizens by the “authorities”. (And if anyone wants to compare this to claims made against the IDF vs. the so-called palestinians, don’t. In that case it is defense against suicide bombers, rock throwing and Kassam missiles. In the case of Hevron (and Gush Katif, Northern Shomron) it is just uncalled for, brutal abuse).

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