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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Iran Talks, Israel Delivers...Another Death

As the UN commemorates child victims of the Holocaust...

The Israeli Occupation soldier is a recent Zionist colonist from the United States.

A thirteen year old Palestinian boy was shot in his neighborhood by Israeli Occupation soldiers on January 24. His name is Munadel Abu Alya.

Iran talks, Israel delivers another death while child victims of the Holocaust are remembered at the UN:

“The exhibition serves as a poignant caution to us all to remember the base savagery of which human beings are capable, and as a call to arms to ensure that we all act to prevent such horrors,” Shashi Tharoor, UN Under-Secretary-General for Public Information, said at the opening of the children’s exhibit.

But as children of the Holocaust are remembered, the ethnic cleansing in Palestine. which affects everyone in Palestine society, most assuredly the children, has been going on since the end of the nineteenth century due to Zionist colonisation.

In Righteous Victims Israeli historian Benny Morris quotes Asher Ginsberg (1856-1927),

"We abroad are used to believe the Eretz Yisrael is now almost totally desolate, a desert that is not sowed ..... But in truth that is not the case. Throughout the country it is difficult to find fields that are not sowed. Only sand dunes and stony mountains .... are not cultivated."

The early Zionist colonists according to Ginsberg did not treat the indigenous people well:

" ....[the Zionist pioneers believed that] the only language the Arabs understand is that of force ..... [They] behave towards the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, trespass unjustly upon their boundaries, beat them shamefully without reason and even brag about it, and nobody stands to check this contemptible and dangerous tendency." Expulsion of the Palestinians, Nur Massalha

Genevieve Cora Fraser highlights the continuing deleterious effects of Zionist colonisation on the children of Palestine:

What is the effect of political violence on Palestinian children? What is it like for children to have Israeli soldiers enter one's home in the dead of night with remote controlled dogs that attack them in their beds?

How do children feel when trapped by a three story high wall with armed guard towers which encases their village, town or city, with only one gate in or out and the gate is mostly locked?

How do Palestinian children of Hebron remain sane when marauding gangs of Israeli settler children and adults attack them on their way to school?

How does a small child react when their father, or uncle or brother is slain before their eyes by Israeli soldiers, and armed tanks roam the streets?

How do children feel when their homes are demolished to make way for illegal Israeli settlements with all their possessions inside, or when Israeli attack jets and helicopters invade the skies and strafe their communities with missiles? (more)

Perhaps those commemorating child victims of the Holocaust should reflect upon these questions.

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