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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Elie Wiesel Has A Lotta Room to Talk

Elie Wiesel on the Hamas victory:

"Hamas won," said Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. "Hamas is surely not a democratic movement. Its ideas are surely not humanistic ideas.

Elie Wiesel's former occupation:

Journalist for the Irgun from November 1947-January 1949:

"...he decries terrorism, yet never apologizes for the terrorism perpetrated by his employer, the Irgun, for whom he worked from November 1947 to January 1949. Indeed, as author David Green points out, he chooses to stay at the King David Hotel, site of Irgun's most notorious act of terrorism (although Prime Minister Netanyahu begs to differ, calling it a guerrilla operation, not terrorism)." Daniel McGowan's Letter to Reverend Gehrling

Regarding his culpability in the Deir Yassin massacre:

"One man who is likely to know the truth about Deir Yassin is Elie Wiesel, undoubtedly the best known Holocaust survivor in the United States today. After 47 years of keeping silent, Professor Wiesel revealed last year in his memoirs that he worked in Paris for the Irgun as a journalist for its publication Zion in Kamf. He was privy to Irgun wire dispatches and articles written about Deir Yassin at the time."

Sometimes Wiesel just can't seem to shut up.

Other times, he just can't seem to speak up although he professes that "the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference."

In "Elie Wiesel and the Sound of Silence," Daniel McGowan writes:

"...he speaks out against silence regarding injustice and violations of basic human rights; he cries out against racism and the evils of apartheid; he professes to believe that "the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference.

Yet this Nobel Prize laureate, who worked for the Irgun before, during, and after the massacre at Deir Yassin, has nothing to say about it."

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