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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Cacologies For Sharon

Lest We Forget this Butcher's Legacy Neither the young nor the old were spared his savagery.

The eulogies ("eu" is Greek for "good," so what's presented here might more accurately be called "cacologies") for the mass murderer who led the assault on the West Bank village of Qibya, on October 14, 1953, in which his troops blew up 45 houses and killed 69 Palestinian civilians -- about half of them women and children, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila, Beirut, Tal Alzaatar,Ain Alroumanah, Jenin . . . are pouring in. What distinguishes this man from any other mass murderer?

To The Editor [Haaretz],

I read the news below on the collapse of Ariel Sharon, one of the many Zionist war criminals from the 20th century who did not face justice for his crimes in the five wars he fought against the Palestinians and the Arabs during his military and political careers. You article mentions that the doctors think that he suffered a major brain damage that I, without any experience in the medical field could have told them that. Any one who believes that God has given them a right exclusively and denied it to every one else from humanity must have a brain damage and some serious psychological issues. Any person or group that survived for almost sixty years on the killing, torturing, maiming and injuring people, destroying their homes and uprooting their trees must have a brain damage. Any group or individuals who can do so much harm to other humans without feeling any sense of remorse must have brain damage and mental issues beyond cure.

Unfortunately, Ariel Sharon will not live to face a court of justice but I am sure that history will remember him as the butcher of Sabra and Shatila, Tal Alzaatar, Ain alroumanah, Ansar prison camp in Lebanon, Jenin in 2003. Not to mention the list of towns and villages in Palestine that he destroyed to drive out the Palestinian Arabs who lived Palestine before 1948.when Israel was fabricated. We will not forget or forgive Sharon or the Zionists for their crimes against the Arabs from Palestine in 1947-1948 going through Tunisia, Beirut and Cairo to Gaza and Rafah today. The Arabs will keep telling the world the story of Sharon and the Zionists till they are put on trial for their crimes against humanity and to pay the price for their crimes. Sharon will be buried in Jerusalem but that will not last.

Riad Hamad

Shame on us...Arabs!

By the time I am writing this message
Ariel Sharon is still alive , fighting for his life
in a deluxe hospital in the occupied Palestine .

Probably, he might even be buried in Jerusalem
where Yasser Arafat was not allowed ,
even to a final rest !!

A Russian-immigrant-invader-robber-slaughter
shall be buried where Jerusalem's son ,
Yasser Arafat could not...................

Shame on us Arabs !!!

Shame !! because Ariel Sharon would have died of natural causes
while he was the greatest orphan-maker we knew , since Holaco
since Genghis, the Malaria , Yellow Fever.....
and our ignorance , too !

Shame on us !! also because could not succeed taking him ,
to any Criminal-Court.......
hopefully he could still be judged "in abstention"
History,alone....is a very slow Judge !!

Shame also on any honest-Israeli ( if such exists )
for re-electing him after the scandals of Sabra-Chatila,
Jennin etc...

Shame also on our Suicide-Bombers, who took "the wrong bus "........

Shame on Justice itself.....
because the chances are, Sharon shall die from natural-causes......

Shame also on who ever called him: "Man of Peace"

Shame on anyone who would call this event:
"A Triumph"............
this event , what ever it is..........came much too late !!

But I take comfort knowing that Ariel Sharon
soon ,shall meet
the Ultimate-Judge

Good night Arabs !!
Good night Humanity !!

Raja Chemayel

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