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Monday, December 19, 2005


What is the Greater Evil?

What is the greater evil?

Posting a picture of a young girl from the US or South American who made "aliyah" to Israel, juxtaposed with pictures of the dispossessed that the creation of Israel engendered in hopes that the young people might question the justice of their action? The girls demanded that I take their pictures down and my action engendered a lot of hateful spew.

Or this?

The General Director of Reception and Emergency in the Palestinian Health Ministry, Dr Mauia Hassanin, declared that four sick Palestinians died on Sunday 18the December due to Israeli sound-bombs and shelling in Southern Gaza.

Or this?

From Ariel Blum, a South African young person who is continuing the colonisation of Palestine:

“My favorite things have been the jumps course, flying in a Blackhawk helicopter and, during a training exercise, picking up my Negev machine gun, charging up a hill and shooting 1000 bullets.”

Or this?

The Israeli army also fired at ambulance teams and policemen trying to reach the injured. Dr Hassani calls for international intervention to help Palestinian people as they are being deprived of basic humanitarian aid.

What is the Greater Evil?

Umkahlil's alleged impropriety which included

Writing a story in my best Lord Byron manner in which I refer to a Canadian who recently continued the colonisation of Palestine as a Zio-lite princess (and for which I was predictably referred as an anti-Semite by this anonymous commenter; and the commenter inserted 'jewish' in the quote by the way)?

Your friend Umkhalil's post was what put ppl over the edge and caused tempers to flare, as it (though now revised) called Lisa a 'ziolite jewish princess'. I don't fling around anti-semite as a term very often, but that was hateful. Umkhalil has continued a stream of very personal attacks against bloggers that lisa links to - naturally, I assume she seeks to intimidate and insult everyone involved - attacking people is a whole different ballpark than attacking ideas.

Or this?

Yesterday the Israeli Housing Ministry announced its plan to build 350 additional illegal housing units in the Ma'ale Adumim settlement east of Jerusalem. Ma'ale Adumim is one of the most controversial of Israel's illegal West Bank settlements because its location, and the Wall being built around it, effectively severs the northern West Bank from the southern West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank. It is also the largest Israeli settlement with a population of around 30,000.

Pray tell me, gentle reader.

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