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Saturday, December 24, 2005


More Messages of Inspiration and Sumud

In Bethlehem at the Church of the Nativity today.

From Joe90 in Scotland: "I have just been watching a midnight mass from Paisley Abbey and an address live on BBCTV from the Lutheran Church in little Bethlehem. The good pastor in Bethelehem said that 'Jesus was sent to representthe fact that there are no walls between humanity and each other' and went on to hope for peace, reconciliation, and justice. There was a cat's choir of Palestinian childrend singing some Christmas hymms--brilliant, what more could I ask for at Christmas time.

From Sam in Ramallah: Dear friends,

Not to ruin your holiday spirts, but the two news items below, both written by Israeli journalists and published in the Israeli newspapers are worth sharing. Both are exemplary of brave journalism.

As many in the world celebrate the Holy Land tonight, few, sadly, are aware of the reality of the people of the Holy Land. Few will be praying for the 6 children of Mr. Shawara. Few care to remember that Bethlehem is separated from Jerusalem by US-backed Israeli soldiers. Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Holy Land, to most, have lost any real meaning...they are only to be recited in chorus with no emotions or conscious.

Drink, be happy, be marry...when you're done we will still be here...struggling to end what has become a globally-sanctioned occupation.

Wondering of the power of religion, when stripped of human meaning,

Sam sent along the following stories by Gideon Levy and Amira Haas.



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