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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I have come to learn to fear the night...

Vladimir Tamari's Christ in Palestine

Let every human being realize that their primary call is not to
launch war, erect walls, infringe upon the properties of others, or
to establish life and rights at the expense of others' lives and
others' rights.

God sends His messengers to preach to the poor, as well as to the
marginalized, the infirm, and the oppressed. At the same time, the
message is also addressed to the powerful and dominant; to he who
causes pain and suffering upon others.

Father Michael Sabbah in Aboud

I have come to learn to fear the night. I am a grown adult. I am a mother. But yesterday, I am not ashamed to say, I had my mother sleep with me in bed, and we clung to each other like frightened children as Israeli F-16s once again shook the earth we live on. Laila

Laila sickened
and shocked
by sonic booms

speaks of Israeli weaponry

her gentle words and wondering
whisper sing
working their way world wide

weaving into conversations

leaving strangers wondering
and whisper singing

her words
and her wondering

whisper singing
to seize hearts

pull passion right out of thin air

resistance is whisper singing

while some hot shot Israeli pilot
well decorated with Zio-nazi praise
swaggers around like a cowboy
he's the one in power


By not surrendering to weakness and
humiliation; and by remaining spiritually strong, calling for
justice, and for the love of God, we shall achieve our vision.
God's message to us, all of us humans, all Palestinians, as well as
all Israelis, is a message to every grieved person, a message to
every political prisoner; as well as to every prisoner of the base
self and ego, it is greed and the base self that produces oppression
and tyranny towards others
Father Sabbah

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