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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Good Bye, America. Hello, Israel

No Palestinian with any dignity denies the right of return for the indigenous population while Jews from all over the world may emigrate from their home countries to Palestine.

Palestinian refugees are the indigenous Arab inhabitants of Palestine, which today is comprised of 'Israel', the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel forcibly and illegally expelled the larger part of the Palestinian population when the state of Israel was imposed in 1948, and continued this during the 1967 war. For the past 57 years and counting, Palestinian refugees have been denied their right to return to their ancestral villages and homes.

"By being here today, I believe that I am playing a role.
My decisions and actions today will have an influence on the
future. In my own tiny little way, I am participating in building
the home of the Jewish people, this time God willing, to last
forever," says Joelle Lewandowski, a North American who recently immigrated to Israel.

Yet, some Palestinians, feel that they should compromise their inalienable right to accommodate Joelle, and Koros, from Argentina, "the son of an architect and
an accountant," in Buenos Aires who went to what once was called Palestine.

Why should Palestinian refugees be denied their inalienable right to return to the sites of their 531 destroyed villages masterminded by the scion of Zion, Ben-Gurion, just because they are not the right religion? When James Kugel, a junior fellow of Harvard's Society of Fellows who was perfectly content in the US has the choice.

"I love everything about my life and work here; I am an
American to the core." A native of New York, a Phi Beta Kappa at
Yale (1968), a junior fellow of Harvard's Society of Fellows
(1972-75)—during which period he was also poetry editor of Harper's
magazine—with a doctorate from City University of New York (1977)."

Maybe some Palestinians have sympathy in their hearts for the "sacrifice," Sol,
a Canadian's move entails which is why they are so willing to deny the indigenous population's inalienable right:

"I would have to quit my secure job, and find a new one in a
different country. We would have to leave our beautiful community
in Canada, where we had great and loving friends to support us.
We would have to uproot our kids from their good schools and
find a community where we would fit in, and a school where our
children would fit in."

Sometimes Arabic hospitality goes a little bit too far.

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