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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ethnic Cleansers From North America Arrived Yesterday

Many ethnic cleansers (see photo) hailing from North America arrived in historic Palestine yesterday, Wednesday, December 28, while Kevin Sites writes about the indigenous people in refugee camps in Lebanon who, in violation of UN Resolution 194, are not permitted by Israel to return to their ancestral homes.

Sites' account is pretty good about life in the Lebanese refugee camps although the only context he provides for Israel's killing of upwards of 20,000 Lebanese and Palestinians during their invasions is that it was in retaliation for attacks across the Lebanese border.

And while gaggles of yuppie ethnic cleansers make their "aliyah" one wonders, will they settle in Israel "proper," i.e., the term that Paul de Rooij so accurately deconstructs here, in "A Glossary of Dispossesion," the lands that were stolen in 1948, or in what the ethnic cleansers refer to obscenely as "disputed" territories, land illegally colonised by Israel since 1967.

And the ethnic cleansing goes on as in what in any other society would be termed "juvenile delinquency," Zionist youth as I write (see photo) steal more land that it not theirs while the US Congress continues to blithely condone every atrocity; read Amira Haas' account here of the "fun and games" that the soldiers, those soldiers whose indiscriminate killings of Palestinians are often expiated by Zionist apologists as shooting due to "jumpiness," or "fear," seem to have no problem ordering Palestinian kids to "sit," not stand, but sit, for hours in the mud.

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