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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Do These New "Israelis" Care About Injustice? Postscript: No

This is [was] Balogan from Brazil [Recent immigrant to Israel Balogan also requested that I remove her picture from my site]. She decided she wanted to live in Israel so four years ago she came to what was formerly known as Palestine. In 1947-8, and again in 1967, Palestinians were systematically ethnically cleansed from this land. Yael from New York came to stay on August 17, 2005. "This is my city, my home!!" says Yael. Yael asked me to remove her picture, which I did. She is a lovely young All-American blond woman. Unfortunately, this young woman was not receptive to my message and smears me with the words "hate," "intolerant," "violent." This is a link to her blog.http://olehgirl.blogspot.com/
Well, that's what stating plainly that UN Resolution 194 which calls for the right of return of Palestinian refugees engenders. The right to return to one's home is an inalienable right. Palestinian refugees from 1967; they aren't as lucky as Balogan from Brazil and Yael from New York. Palestinian refugees from 1948 above left. Justice will prevail when young people like Balogan and Yael realize that it is wrong to violate the human and civil rights of the indigenous people to the land and that my friends born in Jaffa, Haifa, and other parts of historic Palestine may be buried in the towns of their birth.

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