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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Congress Enables Delusional, Hateful Ethnic Cleanser's Aliyah

My fellow Americans:

Did you know that your Congress which gives almost one hundred percent support to Israel enables this racist American advocate of ethnic cleansing's "aliyah" to Palestine today, December 27?

In "Let Them Leave," this American writes:

Arutz Sheva today reports that “31 percent of Arabs in the PA think about living permanently in another country”

That is wonderful news

Today he quotes one Yashiko Sagimori who was printed in a reactionary illegal colonists' (oh, excuse me, "Jewish neighborhood") publication, Arutz-Sheva and challenges readers of my blog to answer 14 questions.

Sagamori includes the following hate speech in his screed:

If the people you mistakenly call “Palestinians” are anything but generic Arabs collected from all over - or thrown out of - the Arab world,

along with

Having time and again failed to achieve their evil goal through military means, they decided to fight Israel by proxy. For that purpose, they created a terrorist organization, cynically called it “the Palestinian people” and installed it in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria

The conclusion of this hate-filled article that Aliyah boy posts:

In fact, there is only one way to achieve piece in the Middle East. Arab countries must acknowledge and accept their defeat in their war against Israel and, as the losing side, should pay Israel reparations for the more than 50 years of devastation they have visited upon it. The most appropriate form of such reparations would be the removal of their terrorist organization from the land of Israel and acceptance of Israel’s ancient sovereignty over Gaza, Judea, and Samaria.

That will mark the end of the Palestinian people. What are you saying again was its beginning?

I will not waste time and effort answering the racist inspired questionaire; I will resolve to expose these hate-filled delusional fanatical religious freaks to my congressman and to US citizens, however, and I suggest that readers of this blog do the same.

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