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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Colonial Boston Kids Go to Israel to Join Israel's Occupation Army

"I will never recognize Zionism even if all Arabs do. I will never concede Palestine. The battle is still long.

"We are the original residents of Palestine, not those who came from Poland and Russia.

"Why does one of the Arab countries provide a home for (Foreign Minister) Silvan Shalom, while the army destroys homes in Palestine on a daily basis?" he said, referring to the foreign minister's recent visit to his birth county of Tunisia. "If you want to surrender, do it, but don't force us to give in." Azmi Bishara

Pictured are some Boston kids who are going to join the rest of the racist colonists in Israel. Why? Because they can. They are going with the intention of joining Israel's occupation army.

These kids from Boston are part of a delusional psychosis spurred and maintained by over fifty years of disinformation and misinformation from Zionist hasbarists. They think that they have a "right" to someone else's land. Now, anyone who was brought up with any ethical education or even with a modicum of interest in human and civil rights would know that one just doesn't traipse on over to someone else's land and dispossess the indigenous people. That your ancestors may have passed through thousands of years ago? Is that a justification? The Turks have been through; one doesn't see the Turks claiming the land for their own; Egyptians, Seljuks, Hittites...to name a few, have all been through Palestine. So why are Jews so special they can dispossess the people who have lived and worked the land for thousands of years?

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