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Monday, December 19, 2005


Bishara: 'We are original inhabitants of Palestine, not ‘those who came from Poland, Russia' or Boston

Teens preparing to make aliyah to Israel and serve in the Army celebrate at the Israel Aliyah Center's Farewell Reception last Wednesday. A record number of Boston-area people are moving to Israel this year.

"I've had my picture taken with Arafat, Abu
Mazen, Kofi Annan, and even Clinton himself. But
it's made a dime's worth of difference. I told
Kofi last time he came through here that its
time he shut down his charitable society [The
United Nations]. The whole world enjoys human
rights except the Palestinian people. In America
they even fight for the rights of animals. But
here we are less than animals.... And you
reporters - when we hold a vigil, or decide to
go on hunger strike, you ignore us and only show
up when the big shots come by to have their
picture taken with us. Even when you do
interviews with us you never broadcast what we

-- Um Ibrahim, the mother of a Palestinian
prisoner, speaking after she and several other
women seized the microphone at a Palestinian
Authority press conference on Gaza
"disengagement" (The Electronic Intifada, 22
August 2005)

Make way for ducklings
choosing to be chosen

quack quack your allegiance
to the very pointy star
of IS-real

just don't expect
that you'll ever
grow up to be a swan.

you'll always be
Zio-Nazi brat from Boston
that happily volunteered-
even helped build
a murderously ugly
monstrously cruel
Wall of Hate
on the Holy Land

you'll always be
Zio-Nazi brat from Boston
that uprooted living trees
and tried to kill Palestine

all for the delusions of IS-real
when it never really was


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