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Monday, December 19, 2005


Arabic knows..the true text of Aliyah

is taking faith,
AND creed
plus personal greed

to advocate hatred,
AND intolerance
plus personal greed
all for IS-real IS-real IS-real

Arabic shaped the land
explained our heritage
no matter who we are

and Aliyah brought in bullets
and bombs

Homegrown Arabic
tended the olive trees
and the herbs
sheparding sheep and goats
for generations
roots entwined
naming villages and flowers and children
generations of life and loving

and Aliyah's boycott of all things Palestinian
brought in bigotry
and prison camps

Arabic knows the real story
the true text
of Aliyah

The poisoned wells
The checkpoints, the curfews and the closures.
The armored tanks and bulldozers
The wall of hate... and the ruined homes
the many ways
Aliyah has become human ugliness
made manifest

Adam & Eve leave the garden of Eden
and forget that they can not own God

and microchips made in IS-real help make drones
and drones
help make a mess of targeted killings
ricocheting world wide
into terror everywhere

it didn't have to be this way
but pretending it isn't only makes it worse.


Palestinian mother crying over the body of her baby girl. Gharam Menaa 18 months old baby was "gased" to death. The Israeli army was enforcing a curfew in the city of Hebron using concentrated tear gas. The highly toxic tear gas resulted in death of Gharam, hospitals officials said.

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