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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It Takes an Empire to Bomb a Village, Hillary

It Takes an Empire to Bomb a Village, Hillary

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

It Takes an Empire

To Bomb a Village


Is that the title

Of your next book

After visiting

In awe the racist

Apartheid Wall


Which Israel built

To house

Those they damn

Though anti-war

And burning bras

Brought fame in youth

Promoting Shock

And Awe bloody war

Is now your show of strength

While others humbly

Correct the error

Of their ways


By breaking ties

And seeking to divest

From Israel

Whence you go

Gallivanting on parade

Hillary a gushing gadabout

To illegal settlements

That steal and kill

The rightful owners are Palestinians


But settle back

As you chew

The fat with Sharon

Watch the righteous settlers

Throwing stones

At Arab children

From ancient villages

You once espoused

Israeli bulldozers

Topple homes and farms

As fighter jets

Strafe the powerless

Be sure to brag

How Occupations’ bill

Is paid by

Uncle Sam

In part because of you

Uprooted trees

Neither shade

Nor fruit provide

Uprooted lives

Plundered, pillaged


By Zionist friends

It takes a village

To nurture

Precious lives

But you need the cash

So your eye is blind

To the horror

They endure

Power lures presidential hopes

Hillary and Israel

If you keep it up

Will pave the way

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