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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Israel Celebrates Eid by Rendering Child Clinically Dead

UPDATE: IMEMC reports that the child is not physically dead as reported earlier; he is clinically dead.

Maan News reports that thirteen year old Ismail Al-Khatieb was shot dead by Israeli Occupation Forces who entered the boy's neighborhood in Jenin Refugee Camp to arrest his neighbors. Although maan news reports Ismail was throwing stones, IMEMC reports that he was walking with his parents.

"The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that soldiers fired at Ahmad Al Khateeb, 11, while he was walking with his parents near the Jenin Secondary School for Girls, and abducted his body."

Notice the double standards of the racist state: Settler youth, who were picked up on October 24 for stoning a Palestinian child who was selling vegetables were released today. According to IMEMC

"The settlers struck the child, threw the vegetables on the street, and stole two mobile phones which belong to his brothers in order to bar him from calling the police.

After attacking the child, the settlers ambushed Palestinian vehicles and hurled stones at them in the same area."

IMEMC also reports: "The agency stated that dozens of military vehicles and armored jeeps are still surrounding Jenin, and added that soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition at residents and homes in the area.

"Also, soldiers surrounded Al Amal Hospital, which belongs to Patients’ Friends Society, and broke into it. Soldiers also broke into dozens of homes west of Jenin."

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