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Saturday, November 26, 2005


All in a Week's Work For A Brutal Coloniser

Everyone should read the entire weekly report from Palestine Center For Human Rights in order to understand what it is like to live through a brutal occupation. The following is a brief summary of just two of many incidents reported:

On November 18, the Israeli Occupation Forces killed Omar Abdul Qader Abu Eisha, 24. He was walking home in Hebron. He was fired upon without warning at a distance of less than 40 meters. Ambulances were not allowed to reach the area. PCHR investigation show that he was not in any activities near a settlement as the Israeli Occupation Forces claim and that he was far from the settlement when he was shot through the heart, the back, and the abdomen.

The brutal killing was not enough for the occupiers; on November 20, in the wee hours of the morning, they arrested his grieving father and brother.

Read the full report of just one week of Israel's arrests, killings, house demolitions, land confiscation. Read about its fanatical settlers atrocities as well right here.

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