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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Palestinians Burn Israeli Army Patrol Jeep

Muath Shreideh in Nablus reports in Palestine News Network

Armed Palestinians burned an Israeli army patrol jeep on Saturday as it was traveling in the Ras Al Ein quarter of Nablus along with other army vehicles that invaded the city and were searching homes.

Other Israeli patrols raided the Balata Refugee Camp and broke into a number of houses. Eyewitnesses say soldiers opened fire at random towards the houses although no arrests were reported.

The Israeli army also raided the town of Aseera Al Shamaliyeh west of the city. Soldiers fired a number of sound bombs into the town and eyewitnesses say over 30 army cars entered the villages of Jet south of Nablus and Beit Fourik to the east. These two villages have been under an Israeli siege for two days after gunmen shot at Israeli army jeeps passing by the village.
Israeli forces also set up several check posts around Nablus and to the north of the city where cars were held up for two or three hours in either direction.

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