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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Lords of Palestine

I do not know why I am copying this timeline of "Rulers of Palestine" here other than that it is a refutation of Zionist mythology that Jews are indigenous to Palestine and have a perfect right to expel the real indigenous population, the Palestinians, the amalgamation of everyone who has been through the region, eighty-five percent of whom were ethnically cleasned preceding and during 1948. Why Palestinians should constantly have to refute Zionist misinformation and disinformation was the subject of a wonderful article for which I am awaiting permission to reprint here. Basically, the author said that she didn't identify as Jewish anymore because she was ashamed of the ongoing ethnicide done in the name of the Jews. She also took to task the author of a long article which painstakingly refuted a letter filled with Zionist disinformation to the British Medical Journal Online. She said that she was tired always having to refute information which even Israeli historians had refuted, and she stated that she refused to do it anymore. I couldn't agree with her more. I also read today the write-ups of a dinner which had at its theme, Stand Up For Israel. There, the ambassador to the US from Israel assured Tom DeLay that Israel stood by him and Joseph Lieberman quoted Herzl. So, here is my chart, my way of countering the Zionist misinformation about being indigenous to Palestine and coming back to the place to which they're indigenous. Not that anyone minds that Jews want to live in Palestine, but why didn't those who wished to live there just come and buy a house and live peacefully with the people already there. Why the ethnic cleansing? Why the horrible ecocide and changing of a once beautiful landscape? Why the concern about demographics and maintaining Jewish supremacy? Why the vilification of the indigenous population to the extreme of saying that there is no such thing as a Palestinian, that Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land? My educated friend from Canada was shocked when I loaned her my copy of Walid Khalidi's Before Their Diaspora. She really bought into the lie or was most likely brainwashed that there were no people living in Palestine before the Zionists arrived. The following is taken from Ilene Beatty's "The Land of Canaan," which is in From Haven to Conquest, edited by Walid Khalidi.

Rulers of Palestine Date of Rule Length of Rule-Years
Canaanites First settlers ?
Egypt (date of rule) Indefinite (length of rule) Indefinite
Hyskos (date of rule) 1710-1480 (length of rule) 230
Egypt (authenticated) (date of rule) 1480-1350 (length of rule) 130
Hittite (date of rule) 1350-1290 (length of rule) 60
Egypt (date of rule) 1290-1154 (length of rule) 136
Local (Cananaanites, Phil-
istines and Jews) (date of rule) 1154-1000 (length of rule) 154
Jews (David and Soloman) (date of rule) 1000-927 (length of rule) 73
Jews (Israel, Ten Tribes) (date of rule) 927-722
Jews (Judah) (date of rule) 927-586
Jews (widest spread of dates) (date of rule) 1000-586 (length of rule) 414
Babylonia (date of rule) 586-538 (length of rule) 48
Persia (dates) 538-330 (length) 208
Greece (dates) 330-323 (length) 7
Egyptians (Ptolemies) (dates) 323-200 (length) 123
Seleucids (Tryphon, partial
only) (dates0 142-70 (length) 72
Armenia (dates) 70-63 (length) 7
Rome (Western and Eastern
Empires) (dates) 63 B.C.-
614 (length) 677
Persia 614-628 (dates) (length) 14
Rome (dates) 628-638 (length) 10
Arab (Moslem) (dates) 638-1035 (length) 447
Turks (Seljuk: Moslem) (dates) 1085-1099 (length) 14
Crusaders (partial only) (dates) 1099-1291 (length) 192
Seljuk and Arab (Moslem,
partial only) (dates) 1099-1291 (length) 192
Egypt (Mamelukes: Moslem) (date of rule) 1291-1517 (length) 226
Turks (Ottoman: Moslem) (dates) 1517-1918) (length) 401
Great Britain (dates) 1921-1948 (length) 25
Jews (Israel, partial, west only) (date of rule) 1948- 67
Arab (Jordan, partial, east only) (dates) 1948-1967 (length) 19
Israel (all) (dates) 1967-

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