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Monday, October 10, 2005


Israeli-American Nobel Prize Winner Spews Usual Zionist Drivel

Nothing ever changes when it comes to American proponents of Zionism. They're cut from the same racist mold and Robert Aumann, the winner of the Nobel Prize for economics, dual American-Israeli citizen, had the following noxious bit of Zionist propaganda at the tip of his tongue for his victory interview.

The Associated Press reports, "He said the Gaza withdrawal, carried out unilaterally after more than four years of fighting, would only invite further violence because Palestinian militants will see it as a way of achieving their goals.

"'We're saying, all you guys have to do is to increase the terror, all you have to do is increase the pressure on us and we will capitulate,' he said in an AP interview later Monday."

Well, there ya go. The Palestinians with their Qassam rockets that rarely hit a target are the "terrorists." The Palestinians who use their own bodies as bombs since they're not provided F-15s and one tonne bombs to drop on crowded residential districts are terrorists. Mind you, the suicide bombers and the launchers of the rockets do not represent all of Palestinian society, but the good professor doesn't make distinctions. Everyone must suffer until the last resistor gleefully plants flowers at the boundaries of his bantustan and acknowledges the specialness of the Jewish people that entitles them to Palestinian land.

For such a smart man, it is confounding that he labels Palestinian fighters as terrorists for resisting theft of their lands, uprooting of their olive trees, destruction of their ancient environment, apartheid, assasinations, shooting of their kids through the heart and head, breaking of their children's bones, the destruction of six hundred and thirty villages, and for resisting Israel's insatiable greed for their property.

The American professor dares to call Palestinians terrorists, but it is evidently not terrorism for Israeli's Occupation Forces to shoot anyone who moves near its border. It is OK to use lethal force against kids who because of Israel's economic strangulation of Gaza must try to infiltrate Israel for some menial job. And it's OK to let them bleed to death. This is not terrorism in the good professor's book. Only the Palestinans are terrorists for the American professor with dual citizenship. The American professor who was originally born in Europe and who thinks nothing about blaming the victims for wanting to live in their own land.

The usurper from America who thinks nothing of blithely spewing the vile propaganda of a racist state. The professor who is evidently proud to be one of a long line of proponents of the state conceived in terrorism and founded upon the ashes of Palestine.

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