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Monday, October 24, 2005


Abbas Returns to Ramallah Empty Handed

Al Quds Al Arabi, a Palestinian-owned, independent pan-Arab newspaper, said on October 22 that: “The results of the visit of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian National Authority leader, to Washington [were far less] than what was hoped for, especially by the Palestinian Oslo wing who always wagered on negotiations as the only means to reach legitimate Palestinian rights, and always considered that the tightest relation with Washington was a guarantee for the political settlement.

“President Abbas returned to Ramallah empty handed. All he got was a warm reception in the White House, a few pats on the back from President Bush, and a bunch of memorabilia pictures which his grandsons can look at in the days to come... It is true that President Bush called for a halt on Israeli settling in the West Bank, and insisted that the mission of the wall being built by the Sharon government should be security and not political, but it is also true that he considered the resistance armed terrorist mobs, and he urged his Palestinian guest to destroy them, and assigned an American representative to assist in that regards.

“Perhaps the most dangerous thing that resulted from Abbas’s visit to Washington is that President Bush snuck from his promises of establishing a Palestinian state close to the end of his second term. This is dangerous because it puts the Road Map which is based on agreement, on the path of the wind.”

Al Quds Al Arabi continued that: “President Bush no longer needs to fulfill his promises in that regard. After he promised to establish the state to justify to the Arab leaders’ participation in his war against Iraq, and now that this war is nearing its end with all the miserable failure that resulted from its occupation and political process, establishing a Palestinian State has become unnecessary. At the time when President Bush was making promises of a Palestinian State, he was giving hand-written provisions to his friend Ariel Sharon about assisting him in his settling operations, and keeping the main settlement blocks in the West Bank, especially around occupied Jerusalem, away from any future negotiations.

“We do not know how President Abbas feels returning to his head quarters in Ramallah empty handed, and we do not know what Dr. Nabil Shaath the Information Minister, will say, after trusting President Bush and his promises to the first visiting Palestinian delegation that the Lord asked him to establish a Palestinian State and so he will, just like he ordered him to engage in war in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he did.”

The newspaper concluded by saying: “President Bush’s abandonment of establishing an independent Palestinian State is an abandonment of the whole political process, and an ending of the Road Map. In light of the Israeli settlement attack and its current rates, there will be no land for this state establishment. It is better for Mr. Abbas to be frank with the Palestinian people who elected him for his close ties with Washington, and give them complete facts, and not give up the resistance card while Bush gave up the Palestinian card in this embarrassing way.” -

Al Quds Al Arabi, United Kingdom (translation: http://www.mideastwire.com)

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