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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Letter from Gaza

Thanks to Jennifer.

Dear Friends,

In the last days, Gaza was awakened from its dreams with horrible
explosions which have shattered our skies, shaken our buildings, broken
our windows, and installed feelings of panic.

We suddenly felt helpless, under the control of the Israelis and at
their mercy. The new method of exploding sound bombs in our skies is now
available to the Israeli army who would not use it before the
disengagement because they were careful not to alarm or hurt the Israeli settlers who
were in Gaza. This new method was used by the Israeli army since Friday day and
night. Usually between 2-4 in the morning, between 6:30 ? 8 in the morning
school going time, and in the afternoon or early evening. The explosions are
heard and felt all over the Gaza Strip with the same intensity. These
explosions were used alongside the usual routine of bombing and killing which the
Israelis forces are familiar with.

This new cycle of terrific violence started with Israel assassinating
four people in the West Bank town of Tolkarem. In the same day Islamic Jihad
retaliated from Gaza by sending rockets to Israeli village of Sdirot.
In the same day 19 people were killed during a military parade of Hamas.
Apparently the cause was mishandling of explosive, but Hamas blamed
Israel. Hamas joined Islamic Jihad by sending rockets to Sdirot where five
people were injured.

Hamas quickly retracted and announced that it will stop all military
operation from Gaza. Islamic Jihad followed with assertion that it will
abide by the truce. Israeli campaign of bombing continues. Last night
I, with all Gazans, were awakened by the horrible noise twice, 3:30am and
at 7:15am. I hardly was able to sleep in between. I was supposed to travel
today to Amman and from there to Zurich to be with you, but Gaza is
also sealed off by the Israeli forces. No one is allowed in or out of Gaza
and that includes foreigners and even the Palestinian President Mr. Abbass
who appealed for calm. We stand firm against all forms of violence and in any name be it
national liberation or security.

We believe the whole area and perhaps the world is being attacked and
manipulated by a small group of fanatics on all sides. These violent
fanatics, some ideologue, some political and some business, are
supporting each other, feeding each other, and needing each other. The ultimate
victim is the ordinary human being, security, peace, and humanity itself.

We believe firmly that forces of evil should and can be stopped. Only
when people of wisdom, people of commitment to peace and equality in
humanity, to justice and to love, only when people stand together that good will
prevail and this is why we formed the FFIPPI* to struggle in solidarity
for justice and for peace, to end the military occupation, and to stop all
forms of violence.

We are committed to these ideals. And we want you to be with us.

Best regards,
Eyad El Sarraj

FFIPP HOME PAGE : http://www.ffipp.org

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