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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Killing Us Not So Softly, But Slowly

Khaled Almayreh makes several points in his story about a meeting between Palestinian women and a delegation from Women in Black, comprised mainly of Italian women. Next time a Zionist apologist cites "suicide" bombing as a justification for collective punishment think about Shara Abu Sharar's words.

"Abu Sharar said her husband, Salim Safi, died of torture at the hands of Israelis inside a torture cell on 6 January 1971. 'There were no suicide bombings then, there was no intifada. Yet, they killed my husband and tormented my family and me personally for many years to come.'"

Ever wonder why nine thousand Palestinians are behind bars and upwards of one quarter of Palestinian men have been detained by the occupiers? Perhaps the same reason the US detains Iraqis, ninety-nine percent of whom according to Ali Shalal al-Qaysi, the hooded Christlike Iraqi prisoner, are innocent.

When asked by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica why he was interrogated he replied, “They wanted to know if I was fighting against the occupation. But also if I knew people in the area in which I lived: I had the impression that they were searching for someone who would become a collaborator, they wanted information. They wanted me to become “their eyes” in the region. But I didn’t know anything, and I did not respond to the questions. In that way, they began the torture. They always asked me the same things, they repeated them dozens of times, I think it was a strategy to make me talk. The interrogations were conducted by persons who said to have worked in Gaza and in the West Bank.”

Amayreh reports "Dua'a Takruri, 21, who spoke in English, described the 'slow death' being meted out to more than 9000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including her father, Haroun Takruri, who has been behind bars for 20 years for resisting the Israeli occupation.
More than 9000 Palestinians are imprisoned in Israeli jails. 'When I visit my dad, I see him only through double glass. They don't allow any physical contacts. They treat us like animals, and after five minutes, they tell us time is up.' "

Sarah Karajeh, president of the local Palestinian women's union, "whose husband was killed by undercover Israeli soldiers three years ago . . . described the Israeli occupation as 'an act of rape', [and] called on women around the world to stand up for justice and not be 'deceived by the negative stereotypical images about our people and our cause. We don't have the means to defend ourselves. And I don't reveal a secret when I say that we essentially rely on the world public opinion, people like you, for our survival. So don't let us down.'"

But we're letting Palestinians down if one looks at statistics compiled for just one week.

"The National Information Center, which monitors the Israeli violations in the occupied territories, reported that Israeli soldiers shot and killed three residents, injured 14, and arrested 68 in the period between September 6 and September 12, 2005. The center also recorded 601 violations during this period.

"Israeli soldiers arrested 68 residents in 55 invasions carried out in the Palestinian territories; soldiers broke in 174 homes and institutions, installed 55 roadblocks, and closed roads and crossings 130 times, the center reported. "

Sounds as if 'slow death' is being meted out by the 'light unto the nations' indiscriminately, and not just to those behind bars.

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