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Thursday, September 22, 2005


IOF Murders Teenager

Israeli occupation forces from Mevo Dotan military installation south of Jenin killed 19 year old Ala Adnan Handooli Thursday while Jenin residents and political parties were preparing celebrations for the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Kaddim and Ganim settlements.

PNN Jenin correspondent Ali Samoudi, described the scene.
“This morning Israeli occupation forces committed another new crime against the Palestinians while we were making ready to celebrate the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from its last military camp in Dotan, which is near Arrabi. Israeli occupation forces, which had mostly withdrawn from the camp but partially remained inside, shot randomly at the citizens around that were spreading in the area making ready to celebrate the withdrawal. Al Handooli was hit. He’s 19 years old from Silat Athahar Village. Several shots hit him in the back and into the chest and he was killed instantly.

“They moved him to Jenin in the midst of an atmosphere of anger and rage that was expressed by organizational representatives and his family who were pushing their way to the hospital amidst great anger. The crime came when the Palestinians were celebrating the withdrawal of the Israelis. There’s a large demonstration in Silat Athahar, screaming against the occupation and to continue the resistance against the continual Israeli crimes.” Photo, Mohammed Ballas, AP

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