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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Dr. Sarraj Reports Further From Gaza


Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj is with the Gaza Community Mental Health Center

Gaza is in a state of panic, children are restless, crying, frightened and many are wetting their beds.

Some children are afraid leaving home and they refuse to go to school. Many are dazed, pale, insomniac and have poor appetite.

Some pregnant women reported colics and some were admitted to hospital with precipitated labour. Many people complain of ear pressure. All are stunned The new method of exploding sonic bombs in our skies was obviously never used before the disengagement so as not to alarm or hurt the Israeli settlers and their children.

Israel is inducing learned helplessness to the Palestinians in Gaza with the aim of making the whole population captive to fear and paralysis. This is a war crime and this is a racist crime. Israel must be stopped.

Dr. Eyad El Sarraj

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