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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Distribution of population by subdistrict, with percentages of Jews and Palestinians, 1946

The source of this map [from which this information is extracted] is the Supplement to a Survey of Palestine (Jerusalem: Government Printer, June 1947). It was subsequently published as United Nations map no. 93(b) in August 1950.

According to British sources, the semi-sedentary Bedouin population of the Negev was ca. 100,000 in 1946. As excerpted from Khalidi, Walid. Before Their Diaspora: A Photographic History of the Palestinians, 1876-1948. Washington DC: Institute of Palestine Studies, 1992, p. 239.

Acre Palestinian 96 percent Jewish 4 percent

Safed Palestinian 87 percent Jewish 13 percent

Haifa Palestinian 53 percent Jewish 47 percent

Nazareth Palestinian 84 percent Jewish 16 percent

Tiberias Palestinian 67 percent Jewish 33 percent

Jenin Palestinian 100 percent

Tulkarm Palestinian 83 percent Jewish 17 percent

Nablus Palestinian 100 percent

Jaffa Palestinian 71 percent Jewish 29 percent

Ramallah Palestinian 100 percent

Ramleh Palestinian 78 percent Jewish 22 percent

Jerusalem Palestinian 62 percent Jewish 38 percent

Gaza Palestinian 98 percent Jewish 2 percent

Hebron Palestinian 99 percent Jewish less than 1 percent

Beersheba Palestinian 99 percent Jewish less than 1 percent

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