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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Zionism's Legacy A 'Bitter Harvest'

Zionism has sown a "bitter harvest" (Sami Hadawi) for the indigenous Palestinians. (Photo by Oleg Popov)
Desert blooms.
Zionism is unhealthy for children and other living things.
What Price Israel? Alfred Lilienthal asked. Relatives mourn the victim of a Zionist. The "terrorist" Sharon refers to the teenage gunman as a "terrorist." Photo by Muhammed Muheisen.
The nineteen year old who killed Dina and Hazar Turki is the legacy of a colonial, racist, apartheid society.
This colonist soldier has no intention of letting "people'" of Palestine be free. He confiscated this sign from a demonstator against the Strangulation Wall in Bil'in Ironically, the splendid US media edifies its readers by informing that the wall is intended to keep out "attackers."

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