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Monday, August 29, 2005


Support Children of Palestine: Buy Calendars For Christmas

Dear friends, Marhaba,

Palestine Children's Welfare Fund is pleased to annouce the launch of our 2006 calendar in support of the children of Palestine. The calendars will be mailedout the week of September 15th and each calendar will be distributed with anolive wood peace dove brooch and a Palestinian flag pin in celebration of peace and justice in Palestine and the removal of the settlers from Nablus, Haifa,Yaffa and Akka and their relocation to Manhattan by 2030. Please place the order for you and your group now so we can have it for you prior to the holidays.




You can view some of the pictures on the link below and the picture of the peacedove brooch on the link below it. Each Calendar is 15 dollars and as usual one hundred percent of the proceeds will go towards our projects in Palestine and the children who depend on us for a 75 dollars month allowance. Please read and forward to your friends and colleagues and ask them to help give the children of the land of peace hope and a smile. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your generosity, work and support.

Riad Hamad
p.s I love the month of May

http://www.pcwf.org/ , http://www.paypalestine.com,/ Palestine Children's WelfareFund. 201 W. Stassney # 201, Austin, Texas 78745 Click to buy Palestinian arts and crafts online, sponsor a Palestinian child, buy a flag or a kufiya, donate a book to teach one or plant an olive/ orange tree in Palestine to honor a loved one

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