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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


International Blog Day

Thanks to the incredible Haitham Sabbah of Sabbah's Blog and Palestine Blogs for tagging me to post blogs that are not mirrors of our own blogs and which reflect a different persepective than mine. The following blogs I have no fundamental differences with, but they aren't mirrors of my own, either.

www.whatthebleephappenedtoharv.blogspot.com This is Harvey Tharp's blog; I wrote about Harvey's speech to the Peace and Justice Caucus of the National Education Association here. Harvey is with Iraq Veterans for Peace, a former Navy Lieutenant, and his blog is eclectic with music, on the ground coverage from Iraq, his reflections about his time in Iraq--an extremely intelligent young man.

I'd also like to mention my friend Erlenda's blog, Screamer In the Matrix Blog for some of the most acute insights that I've encountered.

Another blog which is written by a highly intelligent woman is Kate/A/Blog Kay's take on current events is always thought-provoking.

My favorite blog written by my twin sister, cutter (sorry Haithem) is peacepalestine, so it's a mirror!

I also appreciate Winds of Change in the Middle East? by Dan Marsden and regularly read As'ad Abukahlil.

My favorite blog for on the ground coverage in occupied Palestine is Raising Yousuf, written by the talented and principled journalist, Laila El-Haddad.

The most beautiful and state-of-the-art blog is hands-down Sabbah's Blog.

I appreciate ninathedog for her hard work compiling posts about Palestine.

Also love Bethlehem Blogs, rafahnotes, rafah today and Free Iraq.

And, I must admit, I read RafahPundits; it would qualify as not a mirror because it frequently posts and links to views from the other side of the Palestine-Israel conflict and causes me to cuss at my computer, but that said, it has some very fine posts.



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