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Friday, August 05, 2005


Activist Contacts Reuters Re Overt Bias

Sent via web (contact editor)

Dear Sir:

Your obvious bias comes shining through in the choice of words you sued in covering the Jewish terrorist attack on a bus filled with Arabs in Israel.

This is blatant and obvious bias is clear in the descriptions that accompany the pictures that were put out by the Reuters whereby Israelis are portrayed as humans who “rescue”, “mourn”, and “light candles” all of which are endearing qualities, BUT Arabs “storm”, thus giving the readers the impression of Arabs as uncivilized savages.

It would never occur to the casual reader that ALL of the people that you identify as Israelis in the pictures are also Arabs.

It is scandalous to say the least that you would choose these words whereby goodness and humanity are portrayed as being an “Israeli” quality, while barbaric behavior is assigned to “Arabs”

Shame on you!
Mike Odetalla

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