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Saturday, July 30, 2005


The 'Most Dangerous' Kind . . . Non-Violent Resistors

"We try to use new methods of resistance and try to carry the message to regular Israelis to show them that we don't hate them. I am a Palestinian who does not hate human beings, only oppression and occupation."

Abd Allah Abu Rahma, Popular Committee Against the Wall founder who was arrested in the middle of the night on July 15 and declared "too dangerous" to be released. He's "too dangerous" for non-violently protesting the annexation of sixty percent of Bil'in's land for Jewish colonization (illegal according to international law). Read more from Laila El-Haddad, the marvelous reporter for Al-Jazeera, who recently had an op-ed story published in the Washington Post. An excerpt:

"So while disengagement will bring some relief for Gazans it is by no means the end of the Israeli occupation. In June, my son and I spent 10 hours at Rafah Crossing--Gaza's only route to the outside world--waiting for Israeli approval to return home from Egypt. We waited, crammed with 80 others like sardines in a tin, in a bus without air conditioning in the scorching June heat, as the air thinned and my son nearly fainted."

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