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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Lesson from Zionism: 'Shoot to Kill'

Those of us living in Western Europe are safe now knowing that the British police have received training in Israel. My half-Arabic, half-Filipino teenage son is usually quite calm so no danger that he'll display any nervousness riding public transportation while carrying a backpack. Fidgeting just might get him killed by a nervous policeman. Who knows? Brown eyed boys living in Britain may be victims of a "break-the-bones" policy, the favorite of Yitzak Rabin during the first intifadeh. If that's too antiquated, there is always the penchant the apartheid state has for shooting kids through the head and heart. Will the British be soon to emulate this particularly garish policy of the "light unto the nations."?

Here's what Massoud Shadjareh, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says: "When British police officers receive training from forces of an apartheid state which uses assasination as an official policy, killings such as this (Menezes's) can only be expected as a natural consequence."

Read more about the training of British police in Israel in Al-Jazeera.

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