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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Go Annie, Go!

Here is a link to a gushing story about a Jasper family, and below is the courageous and indomitable Annie Annab's response to their fantasy (not like a Disneyland fantasy because Jewish fantasies turn in to nightmares for Palestinians). The Japsper dad is a shill for what's called Aliyah, which is some manufactured notion that all Jews have a right to kick the indigenous people off the land because the Jewish God is a real estate agent and he promised the land to the Jews. The American daddy Japser works in an Israeli PR firm selling Jews on the idea of emigrating from the US. None of these colonizing Jews seem to have a conscience when it comes to the indigenous Palestinians whom they're so blithely displacing.

I ban Zionists from my blog (which means I don't get too many comments) because I don't grant them a forum for their obfuscations. There are NOT two narratives. There is one narrative. The Zionists shoot kids through the head and heart; the Zionists destroyed four hundred plus villages in 1948 and then committed cultural genocide by coming up with names for the five thousand year old names; the Zionists have destroyed culture; they dynamited the Kahlil Sahknini cultural center in Ramallah (just one paltry example of their destruction of Palestinian history and culture); the Zionists kill leaders, writers, popular people; the Zionists with the backing of the US and the western powers have waged a slow genocide against the indigenous Palestinians. So don't even think about obfuscating, misleading, prevaricating, or dissembling on my blog. This venue is closed.

RE: "A needed U.S. presence" Editorialmailto:Editorialletters@baltsun.com

Dear Editor,

It is a tad ironic to read your editorial "A needed U.S. presence" alongside the great letter by Lisa Snyder complaining about American Jews immigrating to Israel with their children in order to live in an illegal settlement on the far side of the green line.Snyder's letter was in response to the very long article published in the Sun on July 17 concerning the Jasper family of Baltimore who recently left America (where they still have full and equal rights) to take advantage of Israel's Jews-only immigration policies and Israel's many other Jews-only privileges and perks : Meanwhile the Palestinians, the native non-Jewish population of the Holy land, have no real rights anywhere. Palestinian children suffer and starve in crowded refugee camps while American Jews get handsome bribes and subsidizes to help create a Jews-only state. And we the American people are footing this monstrous bill and making this blatant injustice and insult to the Palestinians possible.Ultimately what our "friend" racist Israel really needs is much less U.S. weaponry, money, sympathy and support.

Sincerely,Anne Selden Annab
letters 7-22-5

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