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Friday, June 17, 2005


Zionist Mossad has assasinated 530 Iraq scientists and professors in last seven months

Not hard to believe at all from a government that sports a prime minister, Ehud Barak, who shoots poets, Kamal Nasser; a goverment which shoots writers, Ghassan Kanafani; a government that deports university presidents, a government that shoots children in the head and heart, a government whose first prime minister, David Green aka Ben Gurion put together a group of scholars to wipe out names of villages which had been extant for five thousand years and replace them with new ones, a country so bogus that "hummus," an Arabic mezzah, is touted as its native cusine, a government that bombed a Jewish synagoge in Iraq to encourage its Jewish Arabs to emigrate, a government that when US/Egypt relations were improving bombs a US government building in Egypt hoping the Americans would be duped in to thinking the Egyptians did it, a government that poisons wells that serve non Jewish people, a government that killed thirty-four members of the USS Liberty and was able to prevent the US Congress from investigating, a government whose military runs over a young women with a bulldozer and then exerts so much power that the young woman's parents can not persuade the US Congress to investigate, a government . . .

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 15 June 2005.

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr,

There have been persistent reports for many months that Zionist hit squads have been active in Iraq assassinating Iraqi scientists and intellectuals. The latest chapter in that continuing story appeared on Tuesday, 14 June 2005, when the Palestine Information Center posted information that it said came from a report compiled by the United States Department of State and intended for the American President.

The report stated that agents of the Zionist foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad, in cooperation with US military forces in Iraq had assassinated 350 Iraqi scientists and more than 200 university professors in scientific and other disciplines.

The Palestine Information Center quoted the report as saying that units of the Mossad and "Israeli" commandos had been operating on Iraqi territory for more than a year, the focus of their activities being the assassination of Iraqi scientists and intellectuals. The Zionists resorted to the large-scale assassination campaign, the report said, after the failure of American efforts that started immediately after the American occupation of Iraq aimed at attracting a number of Iraqi scientists to cooperate and go to work in the United States.

The report stated that although a few Iraqi scientists did go to work in US government centers, the vast majority of them later refused to cooperate with US scientists in various experiments and fled the United States for other countries.

Those Iraqis who chose to remain in their country were subjected to long sessions of interrogation and investigation by US occupation authorities. Some were subjected to torture. The Zionist Mossad, however, came to believe that allowing those scientists to remain alive could constitute a future threat to the security of the Zionist entity.

The Mossad believed that the best way to deal with Iraqi scientists was to physically eliminate them, taking advantage of the violence already present in the country.

The report said that more than seven months ago the American Defense Department expressed its agreement with the point of view of the Zionist Mossad. Along those lines it was decided to form Zionist commando detachments to assassinate Iraqi scientists. Those detachments were to be aided in their mission by US military forces. Accordingly, the American security service compiled and provided to the Zionists complete biographies on the scientists as well as ways to get to them.

This joint assassination campaign has been underway for more than seven months. Over that period of time 350 Iraqi scientists and 200 university professors have been assassinated in Iraqi streets when they were away from home. The report indicated that the families of the scientists believed that their loved ones had been killed or died in the crossfire of Resistance attacks.

The campaign to eliminate Iraqi scientists is still underway, according to the report. Systematic Zionist commando assassinations continue with the support and assistance of the Pentagon. The campaign reportedly has targeted more than 1,000 Iraqi scientists and it is said that one reason for some of the explosions in Iraqi streets that appear to be random and without clear target has been the assassination of the individuals on the US-supplied Mossad hit list.

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