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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Want to Know What Father Ata Allah Hana Says About ROR?

Archbishop Ata Allah Hana pointed out that “your conference is held at a time of a continuing conspiracy for many years that targets us as Palestinians in the heart, targeting our just cause, because Israel and its backers wish to eliminate the Palestinian cause, and strive to achieve this with all their power. They want to impose unjust solutions on us, guaranteeing safety and security for Israel, yet without restoring legitimate rights to the rightful owners”.
Statement for the Palestinian Return Center's Vienna Conference

Father Ata Allah Hana added: “I do not believe that there is a single Palestinian or a single Arab who is willing to accept giving up Al-Quds, the right of return or any other of the legitimate rights of our people”. He said: “No… and a thousand times… No! to the peace projects of surrender that they want to impose on us, without us receiving anything in return”.

Archbishop Hana urged the Palestinians in Europe at their annual conference to redouble their efforts. He said: “you have a vital role in supporting our people’s determination. You have proven in the lands in which you live that you are ambassadors for Palestine and our people’s just cause. We press you to continue your nationalist activities, highlighting the justice of our cause on the international stage, that our voice is heard in every place; words that the Occupation and its associates seek to suppress; you are a natural and important part of our people and nation”. read more

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