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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Over 90 percent Gaza refugees say ceding ROR high treason

Jun 22, 2005, 12:33

Gaza - Over 90% of the Palestinian refugees living in the Gaza Strip dismissed giving up the right of return to their hometowns and villages, located in the 1948 occupied Palestine, in return for financial compensations as high treason, a study, prepared by the pro-refugees PA board, disclosed.

"The only solution that would totally satisfy the refugees and financially and morally compensate them for their loss and suffering is securing the right of return to their lands from which they were driven away by the Zionist gangs at gunpoint," the study said.

It indicated that some 96.6% of those exiles were still confident that they would return to their ancestral lands sooner or later.

"The refugees' cause is a political question rather than a humanitarian one. Therefore, its part and parcel of the Palestinian national question," it stated.

The number of the Palestinian refugees residing in the Strip reached 938,531 in the year 2004, according to the study.

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