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Friday, June 03, 2005


'The nation has already paid its dues and is preparing to get its rewards'

It is next to impossible to ask now of this nation to accept as destiny the endless chain of compromises that promise only total surrender to the enemy. The nation has already paid its dues and is preparing to get its rewards.

If what the so called ( civilized) world, on the other hand, is now asking us, is to learn from example, and sets Afghanistan and Iraq as those examples of freedom and democracy; in light of the above facts, we know we can afford to say no.
And if we accept that outcomes in the game of democracy are largely if not solely, decided by the strength showed by the opponent players, we end up realizing democracy is a relative concept that depends on who plays how, and that it does after all depend on politics not morality. The call for compromise that allows coexistence, prosperity and freedom is for the strong among players. The winner is democratic domestically probably, as in the west and in Israel, but would never coexist, compromise, or wish the weaker players, such as Afghanis and Arabs, prosperity and freedom and democracy. There is no middle ground actually for such two players to meet. What is left in reality is conflicts that by their nature could not escape being violent, despite all the good Gandhis in the world.

We might not have a coherent alternative collective plan to follow in the Arab world, but we are aware of facts. We are aware we are changing, and no one but ourselves could decide the course this change will take once it has started. We know we experienced huge suffering and death that transformed us into a nation empowered because of it all. We are empowered by death to face death itself. We want to live, but not at any cost. We realize circumstances, persons and structures are not for ever. Whatever is lost or passed is helping release the nation from a state of mind, not only a state of affairs. We, despite all critics, think we are as a nation because of all that is happening to us and as a result of all that is happening to us, are in fact given a chance to choose again. We will do the choosing ourselves believing ( in the end nothing but what is right prevails) as the Arabic saying goes.


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