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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Israelis Preparing Plan Against Leaders in Prison

Najib Farrag, Bethlehem, 10:00 am 1.06.05

Jailed PLC member Hussam Khader wrote PNN [Palestine News Network] a message yesterday from Israeli Hadarim Prison regarding the renewed solitary confinement of fellow political prisoner, PLC member and Fateh leader Marwan Al Barghouti.

Three days ago, upon direct request from the head of the Israeli occupation forces, Al Barghouti was returned to solitary confinement in Israeli Beir Aseeba Prison. He was originally ordered to six months solitary confinement, which turned into three years. For three months the Israeli government put him back in the general population at Hadarim Prison.

Hussam told PNN that after this happened it is clear that the Israelis are quietly preparing a large plan against all leaders in the prisons, isolating them. The idea is to make them not seem as leaders. In the case of Marwan Al Barghouti, the Israelis isolating him and sending him away means they do not want him to participate in Palestinian decision-making, the elections, in anything that shows he’s a real leader. I want to make it clear there is a plan against the leaders

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