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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Israel steals Gaza Strip yellow sand causing environment disaster

Jun 23, 2005, 10:47

Gaza - Reflecting the Israeli hatred against everything Palestinian, including sand, and their unlimited greed to steal what they don’t own, the Israeli occupation companies with full backing from their racist government have been stealing and transporting for a long time thousands of cubic meters of the Quartz-rich Gaza Strip yellow sand used in glass manufacturing into the green line that will definitely lead to an environmental disaster in the Strip.

"Information available to the PA environment ministry indicate that those companies were stealing nearly 600 dump truck-full of the yellow sand and they actually started this malicious work since they occupied the Strip in 1967", Yousef Abu Safiah, PA environment minister said.

"However, the occupation intensified and expedited this process in an unprecedented manner after declaring its pullout plan from the Strip", he added, pointing out that 15 million cubic meters of this sand were stolen since the Aqsa intifada, almost five years ago.

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