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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Gov't witness in Al-Arian case has little credibility

William Moffitt, attorney for Sami Al-Arian, cross-examined government witness Muneer Arafat on Friday. My interest in this case is insofar as it may serve to edify US citizens about the Palestine-Israel conflict. On the other hand, since the judge will not allow the defense to put anything in context (the prosecution may, however; one mother who lost her daughter in a suicide bombing stands in front of the courthouse with a picture of her daughter and victims of suicide bombings may be called upon to testify) it may serve to simply reinforce the prevailing ignorance and stereotypes about Palestinians. So far Al-Arian's attorney is doing admirably.

"Defense attorney William Moffitt attacked Arafat's credibility during his cross examination. Arafat admitted that he lied repeatedly on job applications, illegally registered to vote and has been paid $35,000 by the government for work on a number of cases."

Click on the headline to read more from Friday's proceedings. The trial resumes Monday.

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