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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Confronting Israeli Myth-Making

Kathleen and Bill Christison are two tireless advocates for Palestinians and their credentials, he is a former senior analyst and she also an analyst for the CIA provide necessary credibility for a US audience. The beginning of a story well worth reading for further edification re Israel's propaganda methods.

"Propagandists on behalf of Israel have held a corner on public discourse about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for the nearly six decades of Israel’s existence, but these purveyors of the Israeli line have become increasingly deceptive and malign -- and increasingly effective – with time. The propaganda machine serving Israel disseminates a steady stream of talking points and argumentation that today effectively controls all public discourse, so that in media arenas large and small throughout the country there are always grassroots propagandists available to put out a uniformly favorable twist on Israel’s actions and always to paint the Palestinians in black colors."

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